Made from renewable raw materials, compostable, and recyclable

RENATURE® Thermo – sustainably cool

Made from renewable raw materials, compostable, and recyclable: the RENATURE® Thermo protective packaging is ideal for the shipping of food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-controlled consignments. RENATURE® Thermo constitutes moisture-resistant paper cushioning with an insulating filling mainly made from plant-based starch. RENATURE® Thermo can be reused multiple times.


It can also be disposed of in an exceptionally eco-friendly way. The paper and starch are mainly made from renewable raw materials and can be easily recycled or composted; after use, consumers can simply separate the two components and dispose of them as recyclable paper/via compost or organic waste. With RENATURE® Thermo, sustainability, optimum temperature control, and perfect product protection all go hand in hand.

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