Drainage and infiltration system with large absorption surface.

DRAINplus - Efficient Drainage

A drainage and infiltration system from Storopack with large absorption surface: DRAINplus is a preassembled all-in-one system suitable for multiple applications, including drainage of collected water, gradual infiltration of rainwater into the ground, and water treatment. Made from recycled material, DRAINplus itself is 100 percent recyclable.

DRAINplus benefits installers and tradespeople, as it saves time and reduces the number of workers and machines necessary. The fully closed pipes can be bent in any direction for especially quick, simple, and ergonomic installation – either lengthwise or on an interconnected level. DRAINplus can be used horizontally or vertically, ensuring maximum flexibility in property drainage and simplifying implementation of different drainage solutions.   


  • All-in-one: Suitable for soil drainage, water treatment, and rainwater infiltration
  • Flexible: Can be installed horizontally or vertically and connected lengthwise or on an interconnected level. Can be bent in any direction.
  • Simple: For especially quick and simple installation
  • Efficient: Thanks to the large absorption surface of up to 1.25 square meters per linear meter, takes in a high volume of water
  • Eco-friendly: Made from recycled material and 100 percent recyclable. Low carbon footprint thanks to short transport routes.
  • Lightweight: One meter of pipe weighs just 1.4 kilograms with a diameter of 300 millimeters and 2.1 kilograms with a diameter of 370 millimeters

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