Cooling agents for every purpose.


Storopack has everything you need for the temperature-controlled shipping of life science, medico-technical, or biotechnology products. In addition to pre-qualified packaging and system solutions, our product portfolio also includes accessories for our temperature-controlled protection packaging.

Cooling agents for every purpose: Our gel packs provide reliable cooling throughout the entire time the goods are being transported. They are available in five different sizes, are reusable, and represent an economical alternative to accumulators or foam bricks. You could also opt for our reusable accumulators, which come in two sizes and can be used again as often as needed. Here you have the choice between H20 or PCM accumulators for different temperature ranges.

Control is better: Storopack supplies two different temperature data loggers for monitoring the temperature of goods during transportation – “tempmate.® S1 V2” is the solution for single-use applications and “tempmate.®-M1” is a multi-use data logger. Both feature impressively compact dimensions in credit card format and can even be enclosed with small shipments. The intuitive operation is their big advantage: Once they have been activated at the touch of a button, they precisely and reliably display the temperature profile throughout the entire journey. The data loggers can easily be read at the delivery location via an integrated USB port. The data can be displayed either as a report in PDF format or in graph form. Both loggers meet the guidelines for GDP-compliant pharmaceutical logistics processes and are supplied by Storopack with a validation certificate.