Good moldability, light weight, and outstanding insulation.


Technical molded parts made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) are the material of choice when it comes to good moldability, light weight, and outstanding insulation. EPS is ideal for the lost foam casting process. This involves embedding an EPS foam model of the desired component within a casting chamber in molding sand and dissolving it by pouring in molten metal. Compared to other processes, this affords greater design freedom when creating the cast parts, because neither built-in parts nor connections are necessary. As such, even complex cast components can be produced easily and particularly inexpensively.


EPS also serves the construction industry well: Due to their very low thermal conductivity, technical molded parts are used as insulation elements and panels for underfloor heating systems. They can also be used as formwork elements. Whether for individual geometries or technically demanding structures, EPS makes it possible.

[Translate to International:] Ein weißes technisches Formteile als Gießtraube für Lost-Foam-Verfahren und ein Gussteil aus Metall
Two white technical molded parts
A technical molded part for the construction industry

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