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Storopack is extending its range of AIRplus® air cushions with three new types of film. All three are ideally suited to replace conventional, pre-inflated bubble wrap. As an on-demand system, AIRplus® reduces storage and handling costs, and the AIRplus® machine system can be set up directly at the packing station. As an alternative, Storopack can set up a machine system to produce rolls of air cushions with the AIRplus® Coiler at a central location in the packaging department. Packaging staff can then simply carry the rolls to their stations as needed.

AIRplus® Bubble is now available in both a standard width of 400 mm (Bubble 29b) and a larger width of 700 mm (Bubble 53b). A single film section measures 160 mm for both AIRplus® Bubble film types – about 100 mm less than market standard. A key advantage: AIRplus® Bubble is also ideal for small items such as cell phones or cosmetics packaging, or even tall, narrow products such as fluorescent tubes. Its flexible size makes material consumption and protective packaging volume much more efficient.

The AIRplus® Cushion air cushion line is supplemented by a film type with 28 air chambers per perforated section (Cushion 28p). The film is 675 mm wide – perfect for wrapping larger items, such as laptops, with just a few steps.

A typical application for wrapping individual items in a package is to mix pre-assembled packages in online shipping, where sensitive items need to be protected from damage by other packaged goods.

If a distribution center uses rolls of pre-inflated bubble wrap at the packaging station, one person is usually required permanently to ensure replenishment from the warehouse. This is no longer necessary with the introduction of an on-demand system with AIRplus® air cushions.

Storopack can equip a “Working Comfort” work station with an overhead magazine enabling an extremely small machine footprint, and which only needs to be lowered for refilling using a lift system.

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