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Design Tool for Environmentally Efficient Packaging Solutions.


We’re always working on providing our customers with especially eco-friendly packaging solutions, which is why we use the EcoDesign tool, a system for evaluating the life cycle assessment of our products. We take each and every phase of the product life cycle into account and guarantee intelligent, optimized use of suitable materials. We also accommodate customer and product requirements, with the aim of creating a global image of the environmental challenges and helping our customers find the right product or solution.

There’s a key focus on reducing the amount of material used while maintaining the same level of quality, which requires evaluation and comparison of all the effects and impacts of our products on the environment. This approach also allows us to improve our own processes in terms of the life cycle assessment.

The EcoDesign tool is currently being used for selected customer projects in the Molding division.

A diagram showing the five stages of a product life cycle


The result reveals the life cycle assessment of a product, for example, in the form of indicators such as water consumption (m³) or the impacts on climate change (kg CO2 equivalent). Multiple factors are taken into account during the calculation process:

Sustainable use

  • What will the product be used for and for how long?
  • What role does reusability play for the customer?



    • How can the product be disposed of or recycled at the end of the life cycle?

    Resource conservation in production

    • Does the customer want to use bio-based or recycled raw materials?
    • Which raw materials and fossil resources are required for production?