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Storopack, the protective packaging specialist based in Metzingen, Germany, is launching an improved version of its FOAMplus Bagpacker packaging system: FOAMplus Bagpacker². This is an on-demand foam padding system for the protection of sensitive goods when being shipped, regardless of size or weight.

Storopack’s FOAMplus foam pads form flexibly around the packaged goods and are suitable for shipping sensitive goods of any size. The two-component foam packaging is produced directly at the packing station. It provides the packaged goods with individually tailored high-quality protection. The Bagpacker² foam padding bags are produced by the customer using the Foam-in-Bag system, in which a machine developed by Storopack fills the bag with foam.

The FOAMplus Bagpacker² is an enhanced version of the FOAMplus Bagpacker, which is already well established in the market. Storopack has replaced the hydraulics unit with a modern electric drive. The new sealing unit improves the quality of bag closing and ensures that foam and product are reliably separated. The software that supports the system was developed by Storopack themselves. Barcodes and programmable bag sequences mean that the system offers a reliable process and costs are transparent. The machine is fitted with a new 10-inch display, with many additional functions. It is available as a table version or a separate unit, and is height-adjustable. Therefore it can be installed either as a standalone machine, or integrated into other systems inline above a conveyor.

FOAMplus Bagpacker² is very flexible, ensuring demand-driven production for a variety of packaging solutions. The system is designed for three different film sizes: 47 cm, 45/15 cm and 60/15 cm. It can be installed by small companies as well as medium and large mail order firms. FOAMplus Bagpacker² produces up to 23 foam padding bags per minute. The system is especially simple to operate and very robust, so maintenance requirements are minimal. The protective packaging is particularly suitable for products such as valves, pumps, measuring equipment and medical devices.

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