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Storopack, a manufacturer of protective packaging with international headquarters in Metzingen, is introducing a new machine that creates padding to protect small and medium-sized parcels: PAPERplus® Papillon. The machine transforms two 20 cm wide (8”) layers of paper into protective pads. These can then be inserted between products to be shipped, preventing them from shifting during transportation and protecting them from damage. The target groups for PAPERplus® Papillon are the e-commerce, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets, along with companies that send lightweight small and medium-sized packages.

The machine is extremely versatile and features three different operating modes: Automatic, On-Demand and Foot. Multiple positions allow for easy integration into existing Top Fill packaging processes: Floor, Table Top and Table Stand. The machine will generally be used as a “stand-alone” unit, but it can also be used in conjunction with silo and conveying systems to serve multiple packing stations.

The unique shape of the pad is patented. The pads are lightweight and offer good spring effect. They can either be used for filling voids or for wrapping shipping goods. They adjust quickly to the products in the package, therefore ensuring reliable protection of the goods. Moreover, the pads offer a pleasant unboxing experience to the end-customer.

The machine is compact and lightweight and can easily be carried. It measures 330 mm (L) x 340 mm (W) x 370 mm (H) (13” x 13” x 15”) and its extremely small footprint allows smooth and simple integration. The machine is easy to operate and dispenses the pads directly into the carton therefore contributing to increased productivity.

The machine’s maximum speed is 40m/min (130’/min). Plug & Play functionality makes it exceptionally user-friendly. It can be used with voltages of either 110 or 230 V at a frequency of 50/60 Hz. The machine weighs 15 kg (33 lbs) without paper.

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