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Exceptionally eco-friendly padding material.

  1. Sustainability
  2. Sustainable and resource-saving products
  3. Products made from renewable raw materials


New, more sustainable raw materials are a great way to protect the environment and natural resources. Therefore, our product-development experts are increasingly using suitable eco-friendly and sustainable materials for our products.

Our aim is to use as many bioplastics as possible, thus safeguarding resources while offering our customers the same outstanding packaging properties that they have come to expect from products made using conventional materials.


A cardboard box containing a wooden box and paper cushioning strips made from grass paper
[Translate to International:] Ein Karton mit Tee-Packungen und Bio Luftpolstern
A cardboard box containing smartphones and S-shaped bioplastic packaging chips
A brown bioplastic insulated box containing fresh fish and ice
Ein Karton mit einem braunen Papierpolster
[Translate to International:] Zwei Bio Luftpolsterstränge

AIRplus® BIO

  • Made partly from bio-based raw materials such as polylactic acid, which is derived from corn
  • Fully industrial compostable and certified in accordance with EN 13432 and ASTM D6400
  • Exceptionally stable, elastic, airtight, and lightweight

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A brown paper cushioning strip


    • Produced from renewable raw materials
    • Storopack does not use any coated papers
    • Disposal via existing recycling systems helps to reduce the use of primary raw materials

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    Beads of raw bio-based plastic


      • Made from 80% bio-based polylactic acid, which is derived from corn or other sugar-producing plants such as cassava
      • Full industrial compostability is certified in accordance with international standards
      • Exceptionally resistant to moisture and Shocks
      • Offers outstanding packaging properties and complies with food packaging regulations

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      Two paper cushioning strips made from grass paper


      • Consists of grass fibers and recycled paper
      • Can be fully recycled or composted
      • Grass is a renewable resource and, during production, uses far less water and energy than required for wood fibers
      • Offers the same outstanding protective packaging properties as other Storopack paper types

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      S-shaped white bioplastic packaging chips


      • Made from vegetable starch
      • Garden compostable and certified in accordance with NF T51-800 in Germany, France, Spain and UK
      • Compostable and certified in accordance with DIN EN 13432 (Europe) and ASTM D6400 (USA)
      • Entirely biodegradable (no residue) and water-soluble
      • Low-dust, antistatic, and wear-resistant

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