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How to recycle protective packaging correctly.

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Can Storopack protective packaging be recycled?

Yes, all of Storopack’s protective packaging is recyclable. It can be processed and reused in a variety of industrial products. The only exception are our products from renewable raw materials – they are not always recyclable, but compostable.

How should paper paddings be disposed of correctly?

All Storopack PAPERplus® paper pads are 100% curbside recyclable. Storopack does not use coated paper. Disposal via existing recycling facilities contributes to reducing the use of primary raw materials.
PAPERplus® uses only inks which the recycler can easily remove (de-inking process).

How should air pillows be disposed of correctly?

As a consumer in the United States and Canada, all plastic film is store (like Target, Wal-Mart, or local grocery stores to recycle same bin as their shopping bags) drop off only. Please safely puncture the air cushions to release the ambient air and return to any local grocery, supermarket, or store that recycle their own plastic bags. 

All standard AIRplus® films carry the How2Recycle® label. For more information, go to

How should foam packaging be disposed of correctly?

Ideally, they can be used again, for example, as protective packaging. Recycling of FOAMplus® is very easy. You can drop off, mail or ship all FOAMplus® materials to any of our 19 North American plant Locations.
As a component of the general waste stream, FOAMplus® foam is an outstanding fuel for modern plants that generate energy from waste. When disposing of the foam packaging, the PE protective film does not need to be separated from the foam.

How should loose fill be disposed of correctly?

Our loose fill product Renature® made from vegetable starch is 100% compostable in accordance with ASTM D6400. They can be disposed of with the normal household trash or as organic waste.

In the United States and Canada, 60% of all recycled Loose Fill is reused as Loose Fill. Below you can find a map for Loose Fill recycling centers and drop off locations:

How should PAD LOC® be disposed of correctly?

PAD LOC® PAC – recycle film at any local drop off store. Just like our AIRplus films. For Loose Fill, drop off at any local packaging stores (Mail & Parcel Centers) PAD LOC® RENATURE® - film is compostable so you can throw it in the landfill or take to any local industrial composter. RENATURE® Loose Fill - „just add water and watch it disappear“ or take to any local industrial composter.

How should MAILERplus® be disposed of correctly?

MAILERplus® is ideal for multiple use. For the recycling of MAILERplus® in the US and Canada, the film should be separated from the paper. The paper is 100% curbside recyclable and the plastic film is store drop off only. 

Why isn’t all of Storopack’s protective packaging compostable?

Very different types of protective packaging can be needed depending on the goods being shipped. While fragile and lighter items like porcelain and glass can be ideally protected in a box using the compostable loose fill RENATURE®, heavy technical components require paper and foam packaging in order that the product is stabilized in the shipping box. This type of protective packaging isn’t compostable, but it can nevertheless easily be recycled.



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To make orientation easy for you we mark our products with “4R” indicating the following properties: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, and RENEW.


This product and its production process are designed to reduce natural resource usage.


This product can be reused up to several times for its original purpose.


Post consumer or post industrial waste of this product can replace virgin raw materials.


This product is produced of renewable raw material, e.g. wood or plants.