Abgebildet sind mehrere kleine Einzelteile von Styropor.

Styropor® Ccycled™

From Household Waste to Protective Packaging.


In order to ensure effective environmental protection, it is vital to explore new avenues when it comes to recycling plastic waste. Its disposal by consumers – such as via the “Gelber Sack” yellow bin bags or “Gelbe Tonne” yellow bins, which are a common sight in parts of Germany – is just the first step. The innovative ChemCycling™ process makes it possible to recycle mixed or contaminated plastics. Syngas or pyrolysis oil is extracted from plastic waste before being used by chemical company BASF to manufacture EPS raw material for protective packaging.


The resulting plastic, Styropor® Ccycled™, boasts the same outstanding packaging and insulating properties as conventional EPS. We have already made prototypes for various applications using Styropor® Ccycled™, including tailor-made protective packaging, food packaging, and temperature-controlled packaging. The products are ecoloop-certified – proof that they contribute to the circular economy by using plastic waste in the production process.

Abgebildet ist ein Kreislauf einer Recycling Styroporverpackungsbox.
Abgebildet sind zwei Recycling Styroporverpackungsboxen mit Deckel.
Abgebildet ist eine Recycling Verpackungsbox mit Deckel.