Fill the carton with foam packaging in mere seconds.


FOAMplus® Hand Packer² is the ideal solution for special challenges, including those posed by bulky and heavy packaged goods as well as products with complex contours. The handy foam gun allows you to accurately fill the carton with foam packaging in mere seconds – for customized blocking and bracing and the perfect transport of packaged goods.


Foam pre-molded cushions can also be conveniently formed in advance with FOAMplus® Hand Packer². The microprocessor-controlled foam packaging system is extremely efficient, requires minimal maintenance thanks to the self-cleaning mixing chamber, and ensures seamless, cost-effective foam production in consistently high quality.

A foam gun being used to fill a cardboard box with adaptable foam packaging
A cardboard box containing a product and foam packaging
A cardboard box with foam packaging
Two TV sets protected at the corners using foam packaging

Working Comfort®

Ergonomic workspaces and efficient operations – Storopack increases the productivity of your protective packaging process with Working Comfort®.

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