Foam packaging bags at the touch of a button.


The FOAMplus® Bag Packer² system produces foam packaging bags at the touch of a button, which adapt specifically to the contours of the packaged goods. Thanks to the proven foam-in-bag system,  film bags can be filled with foam automatically through regular batch production or individually, directly at the packing station. When a bag is produced the expanding polyurethane foam pad will quickly mould itself around any product shape in seconds, and affords the highest degree of protection against shock, vibration and compaction. A robust solution for goods in transit and storage that ensures products arrive in perfect condition.


Thanks to its low weight, it also reduces transport costs. FOAMplus® Bag Packer² features a user-friendly display screen, where you can adjust the size and fill volume of the bag, program bag sequences, and store defined packaging sizes in the system. The FOAMplus® Bag Packer² is designed to run four film configurations and is available in three models that can be easily integrated into existing packing processes.

Im Karton befindet sich ein technisches Formteil, das umgeben ist von individuell anpassbaren Schaumpolsterbeuteln.
Im Karton befindet sich ein kleines Waschbecken, das umgeben ist von anpassbaren Schaumpolsterbeuteln.
Abgebildet ist eine Maschine, die individuell anpassbare Schaumpolsterbeutel herstellen kann.
Abgebildet ist eine Rollenbahn und eine Maschine, die individuell anpassbare Schaumpolsterbeutel herstellen kann.
Der Karton beinhaltet einen quadratischen Gegenstand, der von anpassbaren Schaumpolsterbeuteln umgeben ist.


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