Beads of raw bio-based plastic


Bioplastic Made from 80% Bio-Based Materials.


The bioplastic ecovio® EA 200 from BASF is made from 80 percent bio-based materials and is therefore an exceptionally eco-friendly option for our packaging solutions. The key benefits are its certified compostability in accordance with international standards and its high share of renewable raw materials. Protective packaging made from bio-based raw materials can be industrially composted along with food waste and converted into valuable compost for agriculture. That’s because the bioplastic chiefly consists of polylactic acid, which is derived from corn and other sugar-producing plants.


Alongside the positive impact on carbon footprint, this bio-based material boasts outstanding packaging properties and complies with EU food packaging regulations. Another big plus: it is extremely resistant to mechanical strains and moisture. We use ecovio® to manufacture products such as the organic version of our SEAclic Box, which is designed for the transport of fish and other fresh foods.

A brown bioplastic insulated box containing fresh fish and ice
A brown bioplastic insulated box
Two brown bioplastic insulated boxes stacked on top of each other

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