Tailor-made, secure, and temperature-resistant product packaging.


As soon as packaging not only has to protect, but also insulate, Neopor® is used, a version of Styropor® that contains graphite. The expanded foam features impressively low thermal conductivity combined with high compressive resistance, providing the basis for energy-efficient solutions. Among other things, Storopack uses Neopor® to manufacture insulating boxes for packaging and shipping temperature-sensitive products such as food and medicines.


Insulating boxes and system solutions made of Neopor® ensure that goods are always kept within a set temperature range, independently of the active cooling system in the laboratory, warehouse, or truck. Thanks to outstanding heat and cold insulation properties, high compressive resistance, reliable shock absorption, low weight, and guaranteed low moisture absorbency, Neopor® packaging is not only tailor-made for products, but also secure and temperature-resistant.

Eine graue Isolierbox mit Labor-Flaschen
Eine graue Isolierbox mit Aussparungen für Labor-Flaschen
Zwei graue Isolierboxen mit Labor-Flaschen

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