A brown bioplastic insulated box containing fresh fish and ice

Ocean's Calling Award

News as of 22.06.2020

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The bio-based version of the Storopack SEAclic Box has been recognized with the Ocean’s Calling Award of the OceanWise project, which is supported by Sociedade Ponto Verde. This transport solution for fish and other fresh food, which is made from compostable plastic, helps to prevent the occurrence of styrofoam in the world’s seas thanks to its environmentally conscious and user-friendly design. Another key benefit of the SEAclic Box Bio Based is that it can be industrially composted together with food waste, without the need for prior cleaning.

Foam polystyrene products (EPS and XPS) are a source of marine waste in the Atlantic Ocean. For the very first time, several countries have joined forces to work on a solution, launching OceanWise – a three-year project running from January 2018 to December 2020 – with the aim of devising long-term measures to mitigate the impact of EPS in the Northeast Atlantic. OceanWise comprises 13 partners, ranging from governmental organizations and operational agencies through to knowledge centers in five countries. 

The Ocean’s Calling Award promotes ideas and projects that seek to find solutions in terms of the production, use, collection, and recycling of packaging made from expanded and extruded polystyrene, focusing mainly on the end-of-life impact on the environment in general and the marine environment in particular. 

Find out more: www.oceanwise-project.eu


A brown bioplastic insulated box containing fresh fish and ice


Resource-Saving Packaging for Temperature-Sensitive Foods.

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