Thermo palette shipper: A new parametric dimension

Is there a one-way palette shipper for air freight which guaranties a temperature range between +2°C and +8°C for 113 hours? And thereafter does not exceed an internal temperature of +25°C for the next 24 hours? This enquiry by an international pharmaceutical company was answered by Storopack with a solution which goes beyond the customary market limits in many ways.

The Shipper made from Neopor® has a capacity of 575 litres, but only weights 11 kg. Its delivery is economical, because it is assembled from six modules at the receiver‘s facility. The patented plug-in connections take care of the stability and the narrow joints. Packaging with an external carton is not necessary. Loading is done from the front side and is therefore ergonomically convenient.


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The new Thermo-palletshipper is an economical packaging container for the temperature controlled transportation of products with a large volume or several trading units. The goods can be shipped independently from active cooling by using special accumulators.

  • outside dimensions 800 x 1200 x 1190 mm
  • 575 litre volume inside
  • 2-8°C for up to 113 h
  • plug-in modules
  • net weight 10,86 kg
  • load capacity up to 400 kg
  • easily stackable
  • height 120 cm corresponds to air freight standard
  • material: Neopor
  • marking with self-adhesive labels possible
  • reliable passive cooling with large accumulators; easy, modular configuration

  • easy configuration
  • side loading of goods for ease during packing
  • low storrage and transport volume
  • low weight
  • no migration of cargo on the pallet due to the ribbings on the bottom of the shipper
  • fixation with cardboard corners and straps


  • 1 x bottom
  • 2 x side panels right/left
  • 2 x rear/front panel
  • 1 x top cover with insulation panel
  • 1 x cardboard ring
  • 8 x accus with 3900 g each


With the new Thermo-pallet-shipper temperature sensitive goods like medicaments or food can be shipped safely within a certain temperature range. Active cooling is not necessary, the demanded temperature is kept with special accumulators. The pallet-shipper is perfect if the shipment is too small for a truck but too big for the use of small insulation boxes.

High-Line-palettshipper / 120h 15-25°C

The plug-in pallet shipper made from Neopor® is ideal for transporting temperature-sensitive goods, e.g. goods which need to be transported within a temperature range of 15 to 25°C. With an internal volume of 373.7 litres, it provides plenty of space for your products. Thanks to the plug-in modules, loading can be carried out comfortably from the side. Weighing just 76 kg when empty, including the cooling elements, the pallet shipper
is also very light, bringing weight benefits during transportation.


Data and facts

  • External dimensions 1200 x 800 x 1050 mm
  • Internal dimensions 926 x 516 x 782 mm
  • Internal volume of 373.7 l
  • 15-25°C for up to 120 h

The Thermo-pallet-shipper can be used to transporttemperature-sensitive goods such as medicines safely within a certain temperature range. Active cooling is not necessary as special PCM accumulators ensure that the required temperature is maintained. The pallet shipper provides the ideal solution for consignments which are too small to warrant the use of a whole truck but too large to enable individual insulated containers to be used.

Temperature test in the climate chamber

A temperature test was carried out in the Storopack climatic chamber over a period of 140 hours with outside temperatures ranging from -2°C to 15°C. No dummy product with its own energy requirement was used.


  • Insulating pallet shipper with High-Insulating-Panels (HIP)
  • 12 x accumulators, PCM technology
  • Payload container with loading flap

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Aude Mabit
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for Spain:

Christine Garcia
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Daniela Haug
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