Applications for heating and air-conditioning

With molded parts, energy-efficient solutions can be achieved in the area of heating and air-conditioning, for example by using insulations for pumps, heater circuits and boilers, as well as for the housing and the pipes for modern living room ventilators with waste heat recovery.

The molded parts are designed in such a way that the devices for repairs and servicing can be accessed easily. Plug-in connections and hinge joints remain fully functional. Contour-accurate foaming minimises thermal losses. Since the molded parts have a good padding effect, they also provide, depending on the design, the additional benefit of protection during transport.

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Our products are used in the heating and air conditioning sector as insulating materials for pumps, heating controllers or boilers, and casings for modern home ventilation systems.

Along with their protective characteristics, it is primarily the insulating properties of EPP and Neopor which are in demand for this type of application. The molded components can be foamed in such a way that the contour adjusts to fit around controllers, pumps and casings, thus eliminating any loss of heat. An attractive appearance can be achieved in exposed applications by structuring the surface.

A particularly effective use of our products is producing molded parts used initially for packaging pumps, heating controllers or boilers for transport to the end user, which then function as insulators – or in brief, the molded parts double as a protective packaging and as an insulator. For convenient installation, the casings can be simply mounted and then removed again as required. EPP and Neopor insulating products offer excellent hot and cold thermal insulation properties, and are temperature resistant, shock absorbing and light in weight.

EPP (Expanded Polypropylene)

Particle foams made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) are semi-hard to flexible thermoplastic synthetic foams consisting largely of closed cells.
Due to their good insulating properties, low weight and durability, EPP is also highly suitable for use in heating and air conditioning applications.


Neopor is characterized by its excellent hot and cold thermal insulating properties, high compressive strength, shock absorbing properties, low weight and insensitivity to moisture.

It also contains infrared absorbers and reflectors. Compared to conventional insulating materials, they diminish heat conductivity and lend the material its characteristic silver-grey color.


Expandable polypropylene is composed of 95 % air and only 5 % polypropylene. ARPRO® is produced without CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFCs (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons). Its light weight helps to save fuel during transport. As a result of multiple uses material can be saved. ARPRO® is fully recyclable. Disposal into established recycle circuits helps to reduce use of virgin raw material.


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