AutomotiveEPP √úreticileri. Storopack supplies components for the automotive industry such as fenders, crash pads, headrests, sun visors and seat inlays.Overview Automotive

Lost Foam

Lost FoamEPS models can be used to produce accurate castings with even the most complex geometries using the lost foam technique. Overview Lost Foam


ConstructionStoropack produces elements for the insulation of roofs, floors, facades and walls, panels for underfloor heating systems and construction parts made of EPS and Neopor. Overview construction

Heating and air conditioning

Heating and air conditioningOur products are used in heating, plumbing and air conditioning applications as insulators for pumps, heating controllers and boilers and also as housings for modern home ventilation systems.Overview heating and air conditioning

Leisure and Design

Leisure and DesignParticle foams made of EPS, EPP and Neopor offer unlimited scope for creative design in fields such as furniture, perfume packaging concepts, wine racks or cooling of beverages.Overview leisure and design