Flexible protective packaging

The right product for every application

Storopack is the specialist in the "interior cushioning" market and provides intelligent solutions for padding, filling, fixing. Complete packaging lines are integrated into production processes on an individual customer basis using pourable padding materials, air cushions, paper padding and other padding systems. Moulded packaging parts are individually designed and manufactured.

Paper pad - Paper packaging

Paper pad - Paper packagingOur paper packaging machines provide exceptionally flexible and eco-friendly paper padding. The on-demand systems are easy to operate and generate kraft paper packaging that is perfect for packing products.Storopack paper packaging machines produce high quality paper padding

Air cushions - Air pillows

Air cushions - Air pillowsOur range of air cushions have been designed to protect your products perfectly during transportation. The light weight, easy to use air pillows address many cushioning, void fill and wrapping needs and are comparable to bubble.Storopack air cushions create durable air pillows on demand

Foam pad - Foam packaging

Foam pad - Foam packagingFoam packaging is one of the most versatile materials available, expanding in seconds to form a protective foam pad. Foam in place protects your products during shipping, warehousing and handling giving optimum product protectionStoropack foam in place systems create superior foam pads on demand

Packaging chips - Loose Fill packaging

Packaging chips - Loose Fill packagingStoropack packaging chips provide protection through its resilience, blocking & bracing properties and high compressive strength. Our range includes biodegradable Loose Fill (Pelaspan Bio) and EPS Loose fill packaging (Pelaspan)Loose fill packaging: versatile packaging chips for void fill applications