Protective Packaging Solutions

Storopack produces protective and transport packaging from EPS and EPP for various industries: electronics,
optics, solar, sanitary, automobile and many others. Thereby the focus is always on our customers’ products,
which need to be transported to their partners, to dealers or directly to the end users, reliably and without damage.

Protective packaging made from expanded foams is stable and can be stacked: the moldings carry the weight
reliably and remain fully serviceable under the stress of the transport – right down to the lowest layer of the palette. In some cases, moldings for protection of the corners and edges are sufficient.

Moldings made from EPS and EPP provide excellent shock absorption: the cell structure of the expanded
cellular plastic withstands the normal vibrations of the packaged goods as well as the energy of an impact in
a crash. Solutions in the field of electronic devices must successfully pass as prototypes before the mass production crash tests are performed in the test laboratory.

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  • Video protective packaging
  • Flexible laptop packaging 
made of EPP
    Flexible laptop packaging
    made of EPP
  • EPS packaging
for computerEPS packaging
    for computer
  • Flexible laptop packaging 
made of EPPFlexible laptop packaging
    made of EPP
  • EPS packaging
for screenEPS packaging
    for screen
  • Packaging for
washing machinePackaging for
    washing machine
  • CatalogueCatalogue
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Storopack produces protective and transport packaging made of EPS and EPP for white, brown and grey goods.

All protective packaging systems catering to the electronics and household appliance industry are developed individually. An advance analysis is performed with a view to of process and cost optimization. To ensure an optimum cost-to-performance ratio, the aim is to achieve as much material input as necessary, but as little as possible. To ensure efficient handling at the packaging line, techniques can be employed such as integrating a predetermined breaking edge to connect the upper and lower molded packaging components. This permits both sides to be gripped with one hand. For the ultimate in compact design, recesses can be integrated directly into the molded component for accessories such as cables or chargers. Following prototype testing, drop testing is used to document the capability of the entire outer packaging to withstand possible impacts during transport, ensuring that the product remains undamaged and fully functional. Packaging made of EPS (Styropor) and EPP ensures that transport damage is reduced to a minimum, while the lightweight design of the molded parts helps reduce transport costs.


The secret of Styropor: It contains 98% air. This is encased by the surrounding polystyrene, which accounts for the remaining two per cent. While being very light, Styropor is also extremely strong and has excellent load-bearing properties.

  • Made-to-measure transport protection
  • Moldability and excellent shock absorption
  • High compressive strength
  • Low weight
  • Insensitivity to moisture
  • 100 % recyclable


Particle foams made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) are semi-hard to flexible thermoplastic synthetic foams consisting largely of closed cells.
EPP offers good mechanical attributes, and is notable for benefits such as high specific energy consumption, low compression set and capacity to withstand multiple impacts without appreciable loss of absorption characteristics.

  • Low weight
  • Outstanding energy absorption
  • Very high thickness to weight ratio
  • Withstands multiple impacts without noticeable damage
  • Elastic, good “shape memory” 
  • Extremely durable Resistant to water, most oils and chemicals
  • 100 % recycable

Universal laptop packaging for 15" to 17" displays

Use of a universal laptop packaging system whose height, width and depth can be adjusted to wide-ranging different model variants makes for effortless simplification of shipping logistics operations.

Unfettered flexibility

Safe and protected to their final destination: This method allows items such as repaired laptops to be transported from the service centre to the customer and back using only a single packaging design.
The transport packaging made of EPP (expanded polypropylene) is sufficiently flexible to accommodate laptops with displays ranging from 15” to 17”.

3D packaging

This packaging solution comprises two frames between which the device is placed, and a surrounding carton made of corrugated card measuring 480 x 385 x 120 mm.
Whether for smaller or larger models and all versions with special equipment features, sufficient counterforce is always created to securely fix the device in place. The exceptional elastic recovery capability of the material EPP and the residual flexibility of the frame ensure optimum transport protection for laptops.

One packaging design – a whole range of benefits

  • Safe packaging
  • Favorable cost
  • Standard solution
  • Compact design
  • Easy handling





Expandable polystyrene is composed of 98 % air and only 2 % polystyrene. Styropor® is produced without CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFCs (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons). Its light weight helps to save fuel during transport. Styropor® is fully recyclable. Disposal into established recycle circuits helps to reduce use of virgin raw material.


Expandable polystyrene is composed of 98 % air and only 2 % polystyrene. Neopor® is produced without CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) and HCFCs (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons). Its light weight helps to save fuel during transport. Neopor® is fully recyclable. Disposal into recycle circuits helps to reduce use of virgin raw material. Established Styropor® recycle circuits can also be used for Neopor®.

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